Summer Learning 2021 - CATALOGUE

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Summer Learning 2021! Our staff is busy planning and preparing programs for your school-age children who are currently enrolled in a school in BC. These plans include the school district COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

At this time, most of our programs this summer will be delivered through in-person instruction in schools, with students placed into cohorts. There will be some courses that will be delivered using a hybrid online model, however, these offerings will be limited.

Due to placing students into cohorts, students will only be allowed to take one in-person course this summer, except for Academic Completion courses. Students taking Enrichment Grades 8-12 courses may complement an in-person course with hybrid online courses.

I hope you find something that is of interest in our Summer 2021 catalogue (see attachment) and join over 4,000 Richmond school age students this summer!


Online registration begins on different dates and times, starting on Monday, April 26.  On our main page of the website, click on Register Online on the top right corner.


Take care and stay safe.

Michael Khoo

Director of Instruction


Posted:February 5, 2021