Summer Learning 2021 - General Info

Summer Learning 2021 is fast approaching!!

We are planning to offer a wide variety of programs for elementary and secondary students:

•  Elementary Enrichment, Grades 1-7

•  Summer Exploration, Grades 1-6

•  Summer Fine Arts, Grades 1-6

•  Summer Innovation & STEM, Grades 1-6

•  Academic Full Credit, Grades 10-12

•  Academic Completion, Grades 8-11

•  Secondary Enrichment, Grades 8-12

•  Summer Camps, Ages 9-16

At this time, the plans for Summer Learning 2021 include instruction to be face-to-face in cohorts, with

students attending all classes with health and safety protocols in place. If conditions change, the delivery model

of courses may need to be adapted to fully remote and online, or a hybrid model. Program details such as the

start/end times of courses are subject to change as conditions warrant.

See attachment for more details, or phone 604.668.6123, email,

Posted:February 5, 2021