Essentials for Learning

Essentials for Learning

• Is your child doing "OK" in school but you know she/he can do much better?

• Is your child struggling with learning in school or at home?

• Might your child benefit from learning about some "tips and tricks" (strategies) that could increase success and satisfaction?

"Essentials for Learning" will help students Ages 9-13 who have experienced some challenges being successful in school or learning from home. Also, it will benefit students who are doing well in their learning, helping them to do even better!

Students will learn key strategies for management and organization of learning, in school and in life. Engage in learning through the entertaining novel, FutureLoop, and the video and text program, CLEVER QUICK.

CLEVER strategies include: Concentration; Learning tasks; End-in-mind thinking; Variety and balance; Educational setting; and Review and reward.

QUICK strategies include: Questioning sources; Understanding the information; Informing others; Coding creatively for memory; and Knowledge displayed.

Join this NEW camp, use these strategies and increase your personal capacity and success!!


This summer camp is designed for students ages 9-13.


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Posted:May 3, 2021