Grade 1/2 Exhibit 2021

The Summer Fine Arts Program Music and Drama team is putting on the musical Big Beautiful Planet  with songs by Raffi (arr.Brymer).  It explores our program theme: Sense of Place: How might exploring the arts deepen our learners' connectedness & sense of place to our selves, our community & our land?

The musical teaches us that  "It's up to me, it's up to you. Help this planet earth to stay evergreen, everblue!"   These words from popular children's songwriter, Raffi, celebrate our earth our home, and the importance of working together to take care of it.

Stay tuned on how you will be able to view the production on the last day of our program!

Our young musicians are in rehearsal for our musical review of a Big Beautiful Planet with director Ms. Teng.

They are off to a great start learning their song and choreography!

Ms. Tejero's class worked hard throughout our summer program to learn this upbeat dance choreography!

In Dance and Drama, students are having fun practicing the concept of rhythm and beats while moving around to the song “Dinosaur Walk”. Beats or “counts” are important in dance and we use them later to dance to choreography!