Grade 3/4 Exhibit 2020

Students learned a wonderful song called "Start Your Day with a Song" by Theresa Jennings (arr. Paul Jenning) during their music class.  Hannah and Eva sent in a short clip of them performing a verse for this exhibition.  Singing together allowed our learners to connect and use music to express joy and happiness. Together our learners explored various singing technical skills and we nurtured a motivation to perform for each other.  It is true, people connect to the hearts and minds of others in a variety of places and times through the arts - especially music!


Mr. Gomez's Enrichment Dance/Drama class co-created a choreography to the song called "Start Your Day with a Song" by Theresa Jennings (arr. Paul Jenning).  They are begining to discover that dance, drama, music, and visual arts are each unique languages for creating and communicating.  Together, they shared new ideas and steps and built on other people’s ideas, to create this piece showing that  we are More Together Than Alone.  They certainly have shown us that the power and spirit of community is found in through the arts.