Register for Adult Secondary courses (Winter term, day & evening classes) now!

Looking to upgrade your mark or to take a course towards your adult graduation diploma?  Are you interested in improving your English skills?

Choose from a selection of morning, afternoon and evening adult secondary courses, in person or online.  In-person courses (English) take place at our Adult Education Centre (12091 Cambie Road). 

For our Math and Science, and general academic courses, course content is delivered through an online platform called Moodle, with a teacher available to assist.  In order to register for our Math, Science and general academic courses, students must reside in Richmond and be prepared to attend class in-person for the first class and for assessments and exams only.  At other times, students have the flexibility of completing the rest of their coursework at home or at the adult centre, and at their own pace within the duration of the term/semester.  

We also offer teacher-led, class-based English/Foundation Language Arts courses for students who wish to improve their English skills and/or to achieve Grade 12 English proficiency in order to gain admission to post-secondary institutions or for employment purposes.  If you have not completed Grade 10 English in Canada, please register for an adult secondary English assessment online at  The assessment takes two hours to complete, on a computer at our adult centre, and it covers grammar, reading, listening and writing.  Our office will contact you within two-three business days to schedule a mutually convenient date and time for you to take the assessment.  The cost of the assessment is $40. 

Registration for our Winter Term (English courses) is well underway.  Go to QuickLinks - Register Online and sign up for the course you need.  If the course you wish to register for is full, be sure to add your name to the waitlist by clicking on the course name, then Add to Waitlist.  If you need help, give our office a call 604-668-7899 ext 2 or email

To register for our Math, Science and General Academic courses, please contact our academic advisor Bob Mostat at 604-668-7899 ext 1 (

Questions?  Call 604-668-7899 ext 2 or email 

Updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2024